“The assistance my father received was brilliant and excellent, I couldn’t have asked for better to attend to my father, all the staff are very kind in the way they talk to the elderly”

Mrs D - Daughter - Ipswich
“For all the staff st Suffolk Careline, I wish to thank you all for your help, kindness and professional service you provided my mother prior to her poor health requiring her to move into Residential Care”Mr T - Son - Bramford
“I would like to say what a wonderful ‘Safety Net’ you provide. Just to know you are there is a great comfort”Mrs J - Sudbury
Mr K had been a client for over 2 years on our Monitoring and Emergency Response Service, he had taken on the service as he had a heart condition and his family lived abroad, it was to offer reassurance for all parties.

Almost a year to the day of the unit being installed a call was received via the alarm at 15:25 and passed on to one of the local responders. The Responder was onsite 13 minutes after the call was received, a 2nd responder also attended as they were close by at the time. On arrival they entered the property to assist the client, he could not be found inside the property and they began a search of the gardens, as entered the rear garden the client staggered out from an alleyway and collapsed on the path, after carrying out a quick check of the clients vital signs it was decided to summon an ambulance as he was slipping in and out of consciousness. The ambulance control rang the responders to ascertain what the situation was and after passing on all the information regarding the client to them the responders were confident enough to carry out CPR until the Paramedics arrived on scene. For over 25 minutes the staff carried out CPR, on the arrival of the Paramedics they carried on under their guidance until an “output” was achieved. The client was then rushed to the local hospital for further treatment.

One of the Responders met with the daughter who flew in the following day who was very appreciative for the prompt response he had received to the alarm call and the care they had given to her father that evening. She had stated that her biggest fear was her father having a heart attack and no one there to help him, Suffolk Careline gave him the help and gave her the comfort knowing he would never be alone when he needed help.Mr K - Suffolk

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